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Of the group or perhaps appropriately the lack thereof prior to the arrival of Herman Ze German as well as that which has eluded them since his departure I think you can see exactly how pivotal his role was within the band However there is much here than just the ordinary self glorifying chronicle of a man's life This book is anything but that Shrewdly concealed within this autobiography is not only what can be considered the uintessential definitive history of arguably the greatest band of their era but also a masterful weaving of some of the most entertaining wit whimsy and sage wisdom ever shared within the covers of a simple book Sure to be considered a masterpiece by those who have a love of tongue in cheek irony and satire not to mention great storytelling it raises the bar for such offerings to a decidedly new l.


Evel With his endless anecdotes and tales Herman draws the lines that led to the group's ascension to the Mount Olympus of rock music while his co writer Michael Krikorian clearly lends his assistance to color them in providing hues and tones than Crayola ever put in a box of crayons Together they set a table and serve up a banuet of sarcasm and memories truly fit for a king The King of Monaco to be precise There are no sacred cherubs spared from the harpoon of a master yarn spinner as the puns innuendo and endless wordplay are meant to entertain and lampoon much of the history not only of an incredible band but also of a generation Though having none of the calories but plenty of the guilt the frankness and honesty expressed upon each sinfully delicious page will never spoil your appetite but only leave you yearning f.

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Defying odds longer than that of Arcangues winning the 1993 Breeder's Cup Classic horse race the Scorpions rose to rock and roll royalty from relative obscurity in Hannover West Germany during the late 1970's and early 1980's Herman Rarebell aka Herman Ze German was part of it all More than just a drummer Herman's additional input through his imaginative and inspired songwriting was conceivably the key ingredient and missing component that led to their rise to prominence while most of those in the so called know said they were only kidding themselves Dieter Dierks the long time producer of the Scorpions says Herman was an integral part in the development of that which eventually became known as the classic Scorpions sound Music all starts with the drummer Not many people realize this However if you look at the success.

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    Difficult reading and to follow Love the band but couldn't finish it

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    Pretty boring for a rock memoir As a person who grew up listening to Scorpions I was expecting from this book Lots of hinting and useless ramblings the writer gets sidetracked a lot but nothing really new or interesting rock stars use drugs and sleep with random women what a revelation If you expect hearing juicy details forget this book R

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